I'm in Big Trouble

My name is Walter Cooper and I design creatures for the world of virtual reality. Some day my creatures will star in my video games. That's if my mom doesn't ground me for life!

The Lab

My mom is the scientist who created Smart Code for machines. “Smart Code" is what makes machines able to think like humans.


The Robots

These are the robots they make at the factory. The factory makes the robots for the city of Roboterra where we live. Mentor_51 is the very first computer to use the Smart Code. Mentor_51 works for my mom and cares for all the robots.


Before the Trouble...

After school, I like to visit my mom in the factory. She lets me use the empty labs for homework which is very cool! This lab is for junked robots who need to be fixed up.

This is Octolite, it’s one of my favorite virtual creatures, and it’s very nasty!


Making a Friend

One day in the lab, I had the feeling that I was being watched. I looked all over, but nobody was there.

Then, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted one of the robots spying on me. I didn’t even know these robots worked!



This robot was in the Repair Lab to be fixed. I guess when you make machines smart, they want to make decisions, and this one decided it did not want to be sold to the city. 

“I like the creatures you make”,  it said. The robot had been watching me the whole time!

We became friends that day, and now the robot helps me create. I call him HROSAN, it means Mr. Hero.


My Creations

This is Barbarian Beetle, I needed to wear special 3D goggles to create it. The “Beetle” was my very first virtual creation.


More Creations

After I created Barbarian Beetle, I made more and more creatures. When I make my video games, they will be the stars.

There are thirty four creatures now and I plan on making many more. I call them the Topsy Turvy Gang. I know they are cool to look at, but they need to be programmed to do stuff in my games. That’s where the trouble started.

The Trouble

One day I was thinking it would be really cool to make my creatures smart like my mom’s robots. So I programed some of my mom's Smart Code into them.

At first it was amazing! They came to life and were very animated. I thought this was going to make them super cool for my games.

But when it was time to go home, the creatures were not shutting down like they normally would! Mentor 51 says they found a way to hide inside the computers!

He says it’s because I made them too smart. They are everywhere inside the lab computers, and Mentor’s anti virus bots can’t find them!


The Plan

I have to de-program the Topsy Turvy Gang before they cause real trouble!

With my virtual reality system, I should be able to send a virtual version of me inside the computer and capture each one!

I’ll have HROSAN to help me, and some of the creatures have not joined the gang, so I can use them too!

This sounds like a good plan, right?

If I can get this done before mom finds out we should be cool, right?